5 Things to Do after a Truck Accident

If you were in an accident with a commercial truck, acting wisely is crucial to ensuring you have enough money to cover your medical costs. There are far too many horror stories where an injury victim tries to cooperate with the trucking company only to find out that they were shorted on important compensation. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by reading our five tips on what to do after a truck accident.

Collect Records of Everything You Can

The accident scene holds many clues about what really happened in your collision. If you are able to walk around, take photos and gather witness statements from people who saw what happened. You should also have a tape recorder or voice-recording app handy as well, as the truck driver may make statements about your accident that could help you prove your side of the story.

Keep Your Statements to a Minimum

Obtaining a police report about the accident can also help you strengthen your case against the trucking company. However, you need to remain firm in your details of the event. Police have been known to ask questions that hurt an accident victim’s ability to obtain compensation. They may even coach the other driver into absolving themselves of guilt. Make sure you stick to your story and don’t say anything more than what you absolutely must.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

You need to see a doctor right away. Whether or not you have pain from acute injuries, there are many other potential problems that can take time to surface, such as whiplash. Having documentation of the full extent of your injuries can make all the difference when it comes to fighting for fair compensation. You must show that you were hurt if you are to have any chance at a successful injury lawsuit, and official documentation is the only way this can happen.

Do Not Speak with Insurance Companies

Avoid discussing compensation with an insurer, even to help them clarify the extent of your injuries. No matter how helpful they may seem to be, their priority is always saving money. That means minimizing your settlement. Do not talk to an insurer about the accident, and do not make any agreements with them about handling compensation. Leave negotiation to an experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

Hire an Attorney to Guide You

These kinds of cases are delicate. If you make the wrong choice with your truck accident case, you could lose out on money you need to recover from your injuries. Remember, trucking companies carry huge insurance policies because the wounds victims suffer can be catastrophic. In many cases, you may not understand how long it will truly take to get better, which is why an attorney is important when strategizing for your case.

For more information, you can contact a St. Louis truck accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Justin L. Mason, LLC. Our firm offers free consultations to help people move forward following their accident. We also work on a contingency fee basis, collecting no money until we win a settlement for our clients. Contact us today.