About Justin Mason

Video Transcription

"I'm an air force brat. My dad was originally stationed in Denver, Colorado. We moved from there to Germany, to Tucson, to Scott Air Force Base. The fact that he gave 18 years of his life to the military was really selfless. He was essentially fighting fights for people that he didn't know. But he got up every day and he did it nonetheless. Seeing him be that selfless and helping protect others, it was just something that I picked up on. You help others, you reach out to others, and I feel like that's what my duty as a lawyer is, to help people navigate whatever circumstance they are in. To assist people that have been injured by the negligence of others, whether that be an individual in a car, a business, or a government body, not following the rules and procedures that they have in place. We like to be aggressive."

"We was on our way home when a car came out of their parking spot making a U-turn right in front of us. We wind up hitting them on the side of the vehicle. I hit my head on the dashboard. I had stitches on my forehead. Of course, from the impact, a lot of that on my back and my neck. My biggest fear was being permanently damaged. Over the course of six to eight months, you have a lot of therapy sessions and you are changed forever. I met Justin Mason; I found his firm online. As a lawyer, He explains every step of the process. Even if you don't understand it, he'll break it down to you to make you understand. He wants you to be a part of it and he needs that need to be met. He is willing to go above and beyond to see that it's done."

"My husband and I have been mentoring this student since he was in middle school. The relationship just really grew so that he felt more like family. We got a phone call. His brother was driving. He was in the back seat and had not had a chance to put his seatbelt on yet. He was rear-ended by another car. He flew forward and hit the seat in front of him. He was in a neck brace. I was just terrified that someone who had already been going through so much had to face this enormous obstacle. We brought in Justin and from the first day he was on top of everything. Justin was really communicative. I never had to wonder what to do, and I never had to worry about whether he was capable of following through. That's the kind of person that I would want to be working on a case for me."

"There's nothing worse than hiring someone and feeling like they don't care about you, and I think that that's something that's lost with a lot of attorneys. I know when I hire someone, I want to know that they value me and that they're going to help me. You're not just a file that's sitting on a desk. You're actually aggressively being represented. Our promise to our clients is we will work diligently and aggressively. You will know that we work for you and that we are giving you 100% of what we have."